Who General Hemp does Business With
Integrity is critical to the long-term success of any business. We want to work with companies that want to impact the world, not just their bottom line.

Our investments allow companies to dream bigger. By investing in companies that balance science, innovation, and experience to push the boundaries of what is possible, we are creating a portfolio of businesses that work together on what is truly important: a healthier future for all.

General Hemp helps these companies to take the risks that bring about the greatest innovations.

Investment Criteria
We believe the best use of our capital is aiding the expansion of hemp production worldwide through strategic acquisitions and partnerships. Whether that’s a promising hemp-based food manufacturer or funding hemp-derived cannabinoid clinical research, we are looking to support the development of sustainable, values-driven hemp businesses.

We offer seed-stage funding, strategic services, capital and ancillary business services to select companies that are making a positive impact in the space and in whom we are highly vested. These select companies must have strong, ethical foundations built upon sustainability, environmental consciousness, and fair and equitable treatment of everyone with whom they do business -- from their suppliers to their workers.

In short: We help businesses deliver world changing ideas to market. We are:

. Industry growth experts: We have our finger on the pulse of the hemp industry. Nobody has more experience growing hemp companies that are both compliant and innovative.

.Team builders: We have a history of leveraging our relationships to build teams, attract partners and customers, and working with these partners to create profitable businesses in this emerging industry.

.Category creators: There was no legal CBD supply before our founders created one. We spent years learning how to navigate a challenging legal landscape and developing marketing strategies for an emerging industry.

. International: The hemp industry is a global industry. We help business expand their markets beyond our shores.
While we do not currently accept unsolicited proposals or business plans, we are always open to hearing from individuals and companies who have similar values to our own.