Today, Tribes continue to search for new economic development opportunities that can coexist  in harmony with their Heritage, Culture and their Land. While tourism, natural resources and casinos have been tremendously helpful to many tribes across the nation, some tribes feel casinos threaten the actual core of the American Indian’s existence, and at the same time mining of natural minerals and depository resources are potentially destroying or at least endangering the reservation's land and natural wildlife.

In this fear, many Chairman and heads of tribal governments are searching for alternative opportunities to bring Natural and Economic prosperity into balance with their Tribes. To address these concerns and to advance Indian Country economic self-reliance, 7GF, a fully (100%) Native owned Company has networks and knowledge to assist tribes in building their Nation's and sustaining their people for generations to come.  7GF has partnered with General Hemp to create CannaNativeTM to serve Indian Tribes and to assist in their economic development and self reliance goals. 

General Hemp is the leader in providing expertise and knowledge in the cultivation, processing and distribution within in the agricultural Hemp Industry. This Partnership can provide a successful formula to other Indian tribes interested in sustainable economic development of their reservations.